Tiny Kindnesses: A Beginning

When I was in Utah recently, my 11 year old niece did two very sweet things for me, which I documented on Facebook. The first was that on a day she spied me crying, she made my bed and lined up all of mine and my children's shoes, in addition to giving me a big hug and telling me she loved me. The second was that on a day my throat started hurting, she made me tea with lemon and honey. The trick was that she had never made tea before, and cut the little packet open and dumped the herbs straight in. It was so kind that she tried, that I didn't even mind. (My sister can attest that I took whole gulps anyway.) My friend, Loyd, also thought the latter was sweet and commented that he would being willing to read a book with just that story in it. It made me realize, I would be, too.

I dreamed of starting a collective blog or book documenting tiny kindnesses, the small things people have done that have mattered. Contributors will share their first name and last initial and where the tiny kindness happened. I am a big, big believer in talking about real things that are hard, but I also want to amplify the real things that are good. This is a beginning.